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Dealing with the Web3 Crypto Winter: Winners and Losers

For the past many months, I have taken a few calls and meetings each week from web3 entrepreneurs and others involved in the blockchain industry, such as lawyers and accountants whose clients need special expertise. As a transactional attorney, I get a unique perspective on the blockchain industry because I am generally on the front end of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. I get to see and hear what is happening in the marketplace, often before ventures are publicly announced. Sometimes I get to hear about great ideas from around the world even before fingers have touched keyboards. This includes projects with players in China, Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Isn’t Crypto Dead?

For those following the web3 industry closely, you know that this crypto winter has been brutal from an entity and cryptocurrency valuation standpoint. But you also know that it is one of the best things to happen to the

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Private Equity Deals Involving China Assets: Lawyers and Rep & Warranty Insurance

PitchBook reports that even though 2022’s dry powder was lower than in either 2020 and 2021, a significant amount of capital has been deployed and remains to be deployed, including in deals involving Chinese companies and assets in China owned by U.S and non-Chinese companies. We know this because we are part of some of these deals, as companies and investors try to make sense of the China market and forecast the future there and in other promising markets.

An Overview of Venture Capital vs. Private Equity

In the venture capital and private equity space, “dry powder” means cash that has been committed by investors to a fund but that has not yet been called (transferred to) or deployed (invested) by the fund.

These funds are cyclical in nature, usually with a 5-7 year investment horizon before the fund’s assets are liquidated and a new fund is started. Successful VC

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IPR and International Trade: Trademarks, Part 2

This post is part of a multipart series designed to help right holders and importers better understand the opportunities and obligations that attach to intellectual property rights (IPR) in the international trade regulatory environment.

The first installment in this series is on trademarks, and is split into two parts. Part 1 explored infringement levels recognized by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and their accompanying enforcement regimes. In Part 2, we complete the trademark-trade picture by discussing enforcement relief options and presenting best practice tips for both right holders and importers.

Subsequent installments in the series will examine the protection and compliance strategies that correspond to copyrights and patents under U.S. trade law.  

I. Enforcement Relief and Trademarks

Assuming the gravity of a trademark infringement does not rise to the level of a criminal referral, both remission and mitigation/cancelation relief is, on a case-by-case basis, available. The authority for this

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Is China the Answer? Nine Years On.

Is China the answer? This is the title of a 2013 Caribbean Business article in which I was quoted (sorry, no links available!). As it did back then, the question is one that must be answered with another question: “The answer to what?” The context in which the question is answered, however, has changed dramatically in the nine years since that article was published.

The article’s publication date is September 26, 2013. Those were the early days of the Xi Jinping era, when there was still much speculation about what Xi’s leadership would bring. For most foreign businesses, there was little to suggest things would significantly change, as far as their China aspirations went. If anything, a little optimism was in order, with suggestions in Western media that Xi might be a reformer:

Can Xi reform the system, without – like Gorbachev – destroying it? He has advantages that Gorbachev

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Western Sydney Enterprise Connection

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At Salmon Legal Group, P.L., we understand what it takes to start out and grow a enterprise. This protects each the parents and the child care provider in opposition to misunder­standings over major issues that had been agreed to verbally. Over time, because of this and due to our intensive knowledge of Nebraska divorce and family law, we’ve got earned the belief of Omaha residents in want of legal counsel, as well as purchasers all through the state of Nebraska.

Data Governance For Legal, Information Administration And Cybersecurity

Our Knowledge offering ensures that ALG legal professionals and purchasers are up to date on authorized developments, and specifically on the enterprise influence of legal changes for businesses. Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary gives two definitions which can be notably helpful to legal researchers: “a prescribed order and set of phrases” and “a printed or typed doc with clean spaces for insertion of …

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