Road Hazards Causing Motorcycle Accidents

Most Common Hazards That Cause Motorcycle Accidents | Harman

Motorcycle accidents can easily happen because of road hazards since motorbikes are much smaller than regular vehicles. Even the smallest things, like debris or uneven road surfaces, could lead to motorcycles crashing. Every single motorcyclist has to understand the possible impact of hazards and needs to be alert for similar dangers. So, try to avoid having a lawyer file an injury claim for you by avoiding the accident in the first place. 

Here are the most common road hazards that cause motorcycle accidents all around the country. 

Rough Roads

Bumpy and rough roads can so easily cause a motorcycle accident. This might be due to disrepair, resurfacing efforts, or construction work, among others. 

Gravel Present On The Pavement

It is very tricky for a motorcycle rider to navigate gravel. This hazard is very dangerous, especially when faced with cornering. And it might involve having to talk to a construction accident attorney to help. It is more common to see gravel present on the winding roads and these are very popular for the bikers. They also require considerably more cornering. 

Motorbike accidents that were caused by the presence of gravel are much more common when looking at the riders that simply love going fast. In many situations, they do not actually have the skills needed to ride motorcycles in such rough conditions. 

Edge Breaking

The edge break is a situation in which there are 2 traffic lanes but they have different heights. Usually, this is not a huge deal as you drive the car. However, if you are an unsuspecting motorcyclist and you are in a particularly dangerous situation, like traveling at high speeds on the freeway, the results can be catastrophic. 

Expansion Joints

The expansion joint is connecting to road sections or a road section to a bridge section. It is important since it allows the road to contract or expand, all without showing cracks. Uneven surfaces will easily cause the motorcycle rider to crash. Also, the road can become very slick when faced with wet weather. 


When you hit a smaller animal with your motorcycle, you can easily end up being thrown off path or at least you could lose your balance. It is very difficult to anticipate the appearance of live animals and when you try to swerve so you can avoid them, an accident can easily happen. 

Larger animals are even a higher road hazard. For instance, if you hit a deer, it is usually a fatal incident for the motorcycle rider. 

Slick Surfaces

It is very difficult to make a full list of all possible surfaces and objects that could become or that are slippery. For the motorcycle rider, any slippery surface should be considered a huge road hazard. This is because two-wheeled vehicles are unstable and lighter. It is much easier to end up with a crash when you slide with a motorbike. If you are taking a turn, any slick surface is more dangerous. 

Some road surfaces and debris that could easily become slippery include:

  • Crosswalk lines
  • Leaves
  • Painted surfaces of any kind
  • Trolley tracks
  • Oil
  • Anti-freeze

The motorcycle rider needs to be very cautious whenever there is rain present, especially when it comes after dry spells. The first rain will be very hard to drive on. This is true even for regular cars. Having oil and mud present on the road will make things even worse since it creates more slippery surfaces. 

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