Three Ways a DUI Attorney Can Rescue you from Drunk Driving Offense

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Driving under the influence in Fayetteville can and will land you in jail or attract hefty fines. Driving under the power not only include driving while drunk but cover other issues such as the use of legally prescribed drugs while driving. Before one is arrested and accused in a court of law, police conduct prior tests such as roadside sobriety tests and use of alcohol blow to ascertain the condition of the driver. Since it is a criminal offense, any dwi lawyer fayetteville nc with experience in defending drivers who have committed similar charges will be the best option in this case. Once arrested by a police officer, below are the main reasons you must get a defense lawyer for yourself.

Faulty Breathalyzer

It is not always that when your breath tests positive for alcohol that you will end up in jail. A defense lawyer can argue your case that the breathalyzer has a history of being poorly maintained or has never been maintained at all. As a victim, you cannot be able to know the intrigues of the law, and most probably, you may not be granted this right without a lawyer. If the machine is found to be faulty, then the case can be deleted completely

Declaration of Rights

Every criminal suspect that has been arrested by a police officer in Fayetteville has the right not to say anything until their lawyer is availed. If the police did not read this right, then the attorney can argue your case to get a lesser sentence or throw away the evidence. Interpreting and explaining the rights to the suspect is a constitutional requirement and negligence of a police officer not to read the rights can make the criminal case null and void.

Violation of Sobriety Test Procedures

Did you know that the law has a procedure on how a police officer should conduct the roadside tests before deciding to arrest you? Many of the police officers do not follow the processes, and the only person who can question this procedure is a reasonable defense attorney. In a court of law, the attorney can examine the system that was followed to arrest their client. If any of them was not supported the prosecution cannot prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you deserve suspension of a license or jail term. With the help of an attorney, you get an opportunity to have a fair judgement.

In conclusion, a person who has been arrested cannot be in a position to remember all their rights. A DUI attorney has enough and experience to highlight the reasons for the client and the scope of the violation. Some of the attorneys have worked as prosecutors previously and know the questions that will be asked during trial. Lawyers with experience in this field will help you or your loved ones deal with DUI cases successfully. Importantly, it is wise to hire an attorney who has handled DWI cases to ensure that you win in your case.

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