3 Most Common Reasons to Hire a Family Law Attorney

6 Good Reasons Why You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney

Family laws deal with several issues that surround the family interests. Sometimes, you can handle the family lawsuit yourself. However, in certain circumstances, where it involved complex issues, you are advised to seek help from a qualified family law attorney. The following are the 3 most common reasons to hire an attorney.

1. Divorce

Divorce is the most common occasion when people would hire family law attorneys. Hiring a family law attorney is a must if your spouse has taken the action to hire a lawyer. This means that his lawyer will not be offering any legal advice to you. You need to hire a divorce lawyer if there is a court hearing coming up. A court is a complex place with rules on when you can speak, and what documents you can present to the judge.

If you hire a family law attorney, he will be able to prepare for your case in advance based on your circumstances so that you have a higher chance of winning the case. A divorce lawyer can review the paperwork for the petition that your spouse had filed on you and guide you on how to respond to it. The divorce lawyer can also guide you when you are signing a settlement agreement at mediation. The mediator will not offer any advice so you need to bring your lawyer.

2. Prenuptial Agreement

Family law attorneys can offer the service of drafting a prenuptial agreement for couples who are planning to get married. The prenuptial agreement enables both parties to have the opportunity to learn about each other’s finance. In a prenuptial agreement, the rights of both parties are outlined. You will be able to keep certain assets separate and make sure they get passed down to your children. The prenuptial agreement can make the process simpler if you and your spouse do end up getting a divorce. 

Hiring a family law attorney will ensure that the prenup is drafted and executed properly. The attorney knows how to use specific legal terminology to increase the difficulty for your spouse to make an argument. The attorney can help you to address several things in the prenuptial contract including default titles, spousal support, the responsibility of debts, financial protections for children, and child-related matters. Prenuptial agreement is ideal for high net worth couples who want to hold assets in their names.

3. Child Adoption

Family law attorneys can provide assistance in child adoption matters. Child adoption can involve a complicated process. It can take a few months to complete the adoption. The birth parent can undo an adoption or refuse to give up their parental rights while the child’s adoption is in process. A family law attorney can help you to understand all your rights to the adoption process. He will handle all your legal matters and ensure your rights are protected.

A family law attorney can help you to pick the right type of child adoption. This ensures that you comply with the federal and state laws when adopting a child. He can also guide in passing the interview with the social worker from the adoption agency. He can tell you what you are to expect in the home study. A family law attorney can represent you when in the court hearing if issues arise and the case needs to be taken to the court.

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