What to Bring to The Personal Injury Attorney Consultation?

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There many things that you need to bring to a personal injury attorney consultation.   Most people are eager to tell the story and not have any paperwork for the personal injury attorney to review. This could be a big mistake and you may not get legal representation at all. Here’s some things to consider on what to bring your personal injury attorney during your initial consultation.

Medical Records

If you have been in and out of the hospital, it’s imperative you have all your medical records.  Talk to your doctor or nurses to get your final diagnosis and a list of all medications. Keep track of all expenses you paid out for your medical needs regarding your injury. Organize these medical records as best you can.  Make sure you place them in a safe place and where they are accessible. Make copies so you can share with your personal injury attorney.  Medical records can help your personal injury attorney determine what type of compensation you could receive from the case. If you have a lengthy amount of medical records, they consider creating a spreadsheet on your computer. Organize them where they are clear and easy to read. Never bring a personal injury attorney documents that are unreadable and have no relation to your case.


Every accident will have another party.  There will always be witnesses who saw the accident occur and could provide statements. Take the time to return to the scene and look for these people. Try to get their name, address and phone number in case you need them for support.  Once you gather all the names together, create a list you to give your personal injury attorney. This will be very helpful as the personal injury attorney will give this information to their staff to organize.  Witnesses can be a big part of any personal injury case and lead you to a win. Make sure that all witnesses are committed and available to speak at trial.

Expense Documents

Make a list of all expenses in relation to the injury you’ve suffered.  These expense documents need to be in chronological order and show the specific amounts money paid out regarding your injury.   A person who suffers an injury can have more than just medical expenses. This can include car repairs or demands you pay for any property damaged in the accident.  Make a note of how much you are paying out on a weekly or monthly basis until you can meet with a personal injury attorney. This gives your lawyer a better perspective of your case and reimbursements are needed. Use these expense documents as proof your injury has brought about financial hardship and pain and suffering. You can find any bicycle accident lawyer fort lauderdale fl near you.

These are some of the things you should bring to a personal injury attorney when fighting your case.  Make sure you have all your medical records organized and they are clear to read. Gather up as many witnesses as you can find. Pick those willing to speak on your behalf at trial.  Write down every expense in relation to your injury that you’ve paid since the occurrence of the accident.

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